Sanction screening
of individuals and businesses

A standard part of Pascal is sanction screening at the level of both individuals and businesses.

Temporarily access free of charge

At the moment, the dynamics around sanctions are very challenging indeed. That is why we have decided to temporarily make Pascal’s Sanction Screening module available to everyone free of charge.

Request your free access to Pascal Sanction screening

You can freely use this service up to a maximum number of 100 checks per user. Clicking on the button below will give you access to the Sanction Screening module. After leaving your name and email address, you will receive a “link” by email within a few minutes, which will can start with …

Pascal uses AI-techniques to support KYC and CDD management as well as other screening processes.

Questions or support?

Do you have questions about Pascal or about Pascal’s sanction screening? Or do you need support?
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Free sanction screening