New balance between humans and machines

Vartion is a Dutch software development company specialising in data analytics. Fundamental to our work is our belief in the potential of AI and ML as valuable tools to complement human intelligence and achieve a new balance between humans and machines. Since our inception in 2018, we’ve been dedicated to pushing knowledge to new heights through innovative data analysis.

Gift to society

The AI-powered search engine we primarily developed has been helping scientists around the world find relevant content in millions of scientific articles. This solution known as Harvey is still in use by universities and biomedical research institutes that we partner with. As a gift to society, all our efforts in this area are non-profit.

Experienced financial professionals

Pascal is our second solution based on the same AI-powered search engine. Its success began when experienced financial professionals joined us and we started receiving input from partners such as KPMG, EY, Loyens & Loeff and Microsoft. From there, we began collaborating with an interdisciplinary team of AI developers and legal and compliance experts who share the vision of using AI to revolutionise the legal and compliance landscape.

Streamline processes and improve decision-making

Our team combines technological expertise with deep legal knowledge to create innovative solutions that streamline processes and improve decision-making. We’re committed to providing businesses and parties in the financial industry with tailored and effective solutions that adapt to their changing needs.

Leverage the power of AI

Our services range from designing and implementing machine learning algorithms to advising on regulatory compliance, making us a valuable partner for any organisation looking to leverage the power of AI in their industry.

Our partners

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