Staying compliant in a complex world

As an international logistics service provider, you inevitably have to comply with more and more laws and regulations.
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Compliance support by Vartion

Of course, you want to go on offering your full range of services to international customers without running additional risks. But how?

Vartion’s Compliance Support is designed to keep you compliant. With a Compliance Risk Assessment, we identifiy the risks you may be exposed to. Then we sit down with you to draft a Compliance Policies Framework that helps your organisation avoid potential risks. Using our compliance support platform Pascal, we then screen your new business partners as legally required, and we monitor existing ones. You get information on their identity and ultimate beneficial owners. 

On the transactions they perform, and the nature and purpose of these transactions. If changes occur that pose compliance risks, you get an alert, including the reason for the alert and an adjusted risk profile. The result is more than a snapshot. It is  a comprehensive and up-to-date view of your compliance situation.

Do you want to be sure you stay compliant in an increasingly complex world? We would be more than happy to discuss the options with you. Arrange a meeting with Mark Lamers via mark.lamers@vartion.com. Or mail us for further documentation.

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